7th December

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Fri 7 Dec 2007 14:22
After yesterday, at least its dry so far tday and we're more or less dried out. Tricky night as instead of one person on each watch we had to have two........reason being the aauto pilot had taken to cutting out when undr load in the seas we've had. So one person on deck to reset it and one bepow to switch it on each time. Not a lot of rest. Hope we've sorted it now by switching it onto a different circuit breaker. We ' ll see........otherwise we have to manage it through the watch system.
Rain yesterday was phenomenal ......in three hours probably 12 inches and literally coming in horizontally. Got very wet indeed.
Now down to the last 1000 miles and will soon cross 45 degrees and reset the clocks again.Then only one more change.
So all a bit tired but in good heart, Seadog.