Another Spain update

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 21 Aug 2007 18:04
We arrived in La Coruna on 11 August and moored in the Darsena Marina
without difficulty--they are well organised and the "day menu" in the
Yacht Club must be the best value in Spain!!
Michael returned to London for a few days while Ger stayed on board
Simanderal--major clean-up.
Michael returned plus Alexander, Andrew and Emma on 18 August and we set
off for Corme on the 19th--a fast sail with more than enough wind on a
broad reach and a big--3.5m --swell. Nice anchorage in Corme and dinghied
ashore for a bit of beach and a swim--albeit water pretty cold!
The following day we sailed--or rather motored as there was very little
wind--to Muros--again an anchorage--and a bit of mist and drizzle as we
arrived--didn't put us off going ashore for a good meal.
Today, lovely and sunny--a lovely run with the cruising chute up much of
the way to Caraminal--a marina this time, so we could restock on water and
provisions--it's amazing what 5 people can eat. Strong Northerly winds
around 20 knots most of the day. A good marina with strong pontoons--just
as well as it's still blowing hard as I type.