Komodo Dragons

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Fri 19 Aug 2011 12:12
We left Labuan Bajo yesterday and sailed to the nearby Komodo Islands--initially to Rinca.
Labuan Bajo is the next big thing in Indonesia, I think--Bali being the current one. It is the gateway to the Komodo national park, and also to some great diving sites. Sailing through the islands we see spectacular scenery--though you have to get the tides right as they flow at 6 knots!! There are also some excellent restaurants in Bajo--the first we've seen in Indonesia--clearly things are beginning to happen.
So this morning--7a.m.--we went on a 2 hour walk on Rinca island with a couple of Rangers--you are not allowed to walk on your own as the "dragons" can be dangerous--the rangers go armed with forked poles. The Komodo dragon is, in fact, a very large lizard--up to 4 metres in length and 100 kilos--a meat eater--eats wild boar, buffalo etc.--even young dragons--they're cannibals!! And of course the odd tourist when they get the chance!
On our walk, we saw--close up--4 dragons in the wild--others hang around the rangers' kitchens! And 2 wild buffalo having mud baths. Quite something.
After which we sailed to Komodo island, where we are now anchored.
All is well