To Tahiti

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 9 May 2010 18:27
We spent about 10 days in the remote and wonderful Tuamotu atolls--coral reefs, lagoons,sand and coral islands with palm trees, beautiful calm waters--some uninhabited, some with lovely people and french bread and croissant! We have snorkelled amongst spectacular marine life--reef fish, black-tip sharks, Napoleon fish--truly awesome--they are "in your face". And only a short dinghy trip from the boat. We've eaten simply but splendidly; spent an evening in a private house with a super Polynesian called Mahini; bonfires on the beach at sundown; long chats with locals......
But time to move on--yesterday we ran the pass out of the Fakarave lagoon at about 1100, and started the 250 mile sail to Tahiti. As I write this we are almost half way, and will arrive tomorrow morning. This will be a big shock--the first big town (Pape-ete) since we left Panama City--and the first time we will have tied up to a quay since we left the Shelter Bay marina in the Caribbean--since then we have always been at anchor--I've forgotten what a fender looks like!!  There's even a Carrefour supermarket!
All well on board--must get back to the sailing.