12th December

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 12 Dec 2007 14:54
225 miles to go at noon on Wednesday and at 6 to 7 knots we reckon to be at Rodney Bay between 5pm and midnight tomorrow. 25 knots of wind and occasional showers/squalls........got a good soaking this morning so saving on the shower.
Some fruit and veg left which we have to eat or dump befor e we get to St Lucia as we can't land it there. Fishing in abeyance as we're rocking and roling under headsail only and we don't want to risk fishing to close to the islands........there is a toxin problem !
Ger and Michelle llooking forward to long hot showers which don't rock about,fellas looking forward to beers at the bar. A nights sleep when the bed didn't keep moving all over theplace won't go amiss either.
Tonight we should see the light loom of Barbados after midnight .....we pass 50 miles north........and should start to see other ARC yachts converging on St Lucia. Surprisingly we haven't seen any for about five days. Could get congested as we all aim for the channel between St L and Martinique along with the odd cruise ship no doubt.
All ingood heart as the end is in sight ,especially to the constant rolling of Simanderal.