Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 13 Sep 2011 12:23
Having dropped anchor in Kumai yesterday, today we went up a tributary of the river in a speedboat with driver and guide--and a 7 a.m. start!
Great trip up the rivers of this National Park--the only way to access this part of the world--no roads--some short treks through the rainforest to see the orangutans--mostly friendly, though one took a swipe at our driver!  Also monkeys of various types and some bird life. Every second orangutan had a baby in tow--clinging on to her as she did tarzan style swings through the forest--apparently the "babies" are still breast feeding at five and leave the mother around eight--at which point she produces another!
Around 3p.m. we realised the downside to rainforest--it rained--torrential--so arrived back at the boat sodden but happy! And with a lot to think about.
This was the first rain we've seen for 3 months!! The boat needed it--all the salt washed off at last!