Les Saintes

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 29 Jan 2008 22:48
We had a glorious broad reach yesterday from Dominica to Les Saintes. 15 knots of wind, less swell than we've yet seen in the Atlantic and sun, sun, sun. Only 18 miles however so it was a short joy!!
Whilst only 18 miles apart, the contrast between Dominica and Les Saintes is enormous. Here it is very French, lots of money/nice villas, expensive restaurants, lovely beaches, boutique shops, hotels etc. In Dominica there are no good restaurants--but that's not why people go there--it's for the natural environment, rainforest, trekking etc.
Today we hired a scooter a deux and went round the whole island, including a swim on a fabulous Plage Pompierre. Us on a scooter--the mind boggles--shaky start but by the end we were romping along at all of 15 kph!! I wore my special T-shirt for the occassion--the back reads "if you can read this, the bitch fell off". But neither of us did.
We'll be here for a couple of days more--maybe three--then off to Guadeloupe.