Be careful what you wish for!!

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 21 May 2014 03:13
Well, there we were wishing for more wind---and yesterday and overnight we’ve been battling with squalls, rain, winds over 30 knots gusting over 40---combined with changes in direction and spells
with very little wind at all—the pattern after a squall. And to cap it all, electrical storms all around---hours of lightning last night. Not conducive to sleep and an easy mind!!  And as we battled with poles
etc., the—perhaps inevitable---breakages. Most easily fixed, but a problem with the pole may be more difficult—or terminal. Waiting for better weather to do a full recce---it’s still raining and I’ve got
3 changes of clothing already awaiting a drying day.
That’s not the only reason for no blog yesterday, however. Before the bad weather we spent a long time enjoying the natural world. We seem to have been adopted by 3 albatross---a pair and a sole flyer--
the latter is younger, they may all be related. We first spotted them 3 days ago, since when they have been regular visitors to the boat—flying around it just above the waves. And last night the young one landed on the pullpit and stayed the night asleep! 500 miles from the nearest shore. Additionally yesterday we were entertained for literally hours by a huge pod of ?dolphins? maybe 50 or so, swimming in formation around the boat, doing acrobatics etc.
However we couldn’t identify what they were from our book. They were very large for dolphins—maybe 3 metres---and had a torpedo shape, without the normal dolphin snout. We did wonder if they were pilot whales—very
similar in appearance, but too small. They also seemed to behave quite aggressively, coming towards the boat at great speed in lines of 6 or more, and crowding around the boat. Bit scary, we began to wish they would go away!
All in all, an interesting—if stressful—24 hours!