Tioman & Tenggul Islands

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Fri 8 Jun 2012 09:39
We ended up staying a week on Tioman Island---very easy to do!!  A lot of "chilling" but we also did an energetic walk over to the other side of the island--7 Km over a mountain and down the other side. We did it on a cloudy day--but temperature still around 35 gegrees and humid. The walk was under the forest canopy all the way and included--inevitably--a detour to the waterfall. Lunch there and a taxi back!
 We also did some snorkelling and swimming--nice corals and quite a lot of fish life--including 3 black tip sharks--first we've seen since we left the Pacific--and probably the nicest coral since then.
And a lively social life on the island--one or two people we knew from Indonesia sailing, but mostly new aquaintances--a number of whom had come eastabout through the Red Sea a couple of years ago--the last year that cruisers used that route because of piracy--and clearly it had been a worrisome passage.
So nightly drinks at Captain Kerk's---a sort of bar where cruisers met of an evening for a beer or three, run by Kerk--an enterprising Chinese Malay who also delivered duty free to the boat. And meals ashore--a good BBQ fish restaurant and a good Chinese restaurant --costing under 10 quid for 2 including beer!  Poor Ger finds wine hard to come by in these restaurants--indeed she doesn't even bother to ask any more!!
And a birthday party for one of the cruisers--a Canadian--in a beach bar--Sham's--one evening which ended with the bar staff doing a pretty expert display of fire dancing--juggling burning sticks etc.
So, an enjoyable week, but time to move on north--so late on 6th we sailed overnight up to Pulau Tenggul--another island about 120 miles to the north--smaller, less developed etc. We arrived lunchtime yesterday, the 7th, and have stayed over today--nice bay, with plenty of good coral and fish life ---spent a fair time snorkelling this morning. Quiet, though a few day trippers came out from the mainland. Nowhere to eat ashore--but then we eat well on board and it makes a change fron Nasi Goreng!
Tomorrow we plan to sail to another island--Pulau Kapas--a day sail, only 36 miles, for a couple of days before we hit the mainland again at Terengganu.
So all is well on board Simanderal.