Michael Hughes and Ger White
Mon 30 May 2011 11:21
We arrived in Cairns on Friday--moored up in the Marlin Marinan right in the middle of town--lots of shop-s and restuarants an easy stroll away.
We enjoyed our two days anchored off Magnetic Island--and did a lot of bushwalking across the island--forests and bays and some lovely beaches. We left on 23rd --not much wind, so some resort to engine on our passage to Orpheus Island, one of the Palm Islands, where we picked up a mooring for the night--a calm, sunny day. On 24th we sailed past Hinchinbrook Island, anchoring for the night at the north end of the island in Missionary Bay--a good sail with the wind up again, though a bit variable.
And on 25th we sailed to Dunk Island--good anchorage, but the resort on shore had been destroyed a few months ago by Cyclone Yasi and was under reconstruction--so we took a shoreline tour in the dinghy, but didn't actually set foot ashore.
The 26th---a good sail to Mourilyn Harbour--reasonable anchorage but shore a bit industrial.
27th--a good fast passage to Fitzroy Island--another resort island, but this one was still operational--ashore for an ice cream and a bit of walking through the forest. The anchorage is off a lovely beach--a place we could have happily stayed longer! 
But it was time to get back to civilisation--and some provisioning--so after a leisurely morning off Fitzroy, we sailed the short passage across to Cairns, where we will spend a few days.