Portland Roads

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 14 Jun 2011 09:55
We left Lizard Island on Saturday, having enjoyed a couple of days bush walking on the island and generally doing very little!
Perhaps resting in preparation for some long sailing days----a 55 mile passage to Ninian Bay on the 11th: a 35 mile passage from there to Flinders Island on 12th: a 60 mile passage to Morris Island on the 13th and today, 14th, another 60 mile passage to Portland Roads--contending with some fickle winds until today, when we had a lovely steady south south easterly giving us 50 miles with main out to starboard on a preventer and genoa poled out to port--running at 7 knots. 
Not much to report on the anchorages--we've been dropping the hook well after 1600 with only an hour of light left--and somehow the idea of a cold beer has seemed preferable to launching the dinghy!  But they've been good to look at!  Seen dolphins--but no crocs yet, though they were said to be around on Flinders.