15:00.15N 54:46.54W

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 29 Dec 2018 19:30

We are now making very fast progress towards Martinique, averaging over 8 knots, and expect to arrive around lunchtime on the 31st---maybe starting the New Year celebrations with a rum punch before lunch!!

The bad news is a couple of minor issues with equipment. Our watermaker has a problem with a high pressure connection and can’t be used. Fortunately I,ve been keeping the tanks pretty full, so shouldn’t be a shortage---but it needs fixed. And my toilet solenoid is playing up, not shutting off water inflow---the same happened with another toilet that we got fixed in Agadir. So a few repairs for Martinique---but I suspect a lot less than many boats crossing! So far, touching wood.

Now just running down the last 360 miles—and 2 more nights sleeping in a moving bed!