24 hours to go

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Mon 26 Apr 2010 17:50
Well this passage has been a real speed blaster so far--we are now going to have to slow up considerably to avoid arriving off coral reefs on the coming night!  So far we,ve covered 380 miles in less than 48 hours.
We now have 125 miles to go, and we'll be reducing sail shortly to reduce speed to below 6 knots--we only need an average of 5.2 knots to arrive off the reef at 0800 tomorrow.
Last night was a good fast night's sailing without a single squall--we had reefs in both sails to reduce speed, but Simanderal still averaged over 7.5 knots--we'll now have to reduce to headsail only.
All well on board--no big events--bit of maintenance, battery charging, water-making, nav,keeping watch, SSB Comms, reading and ..chilling--typical day when nothing much goes wrong. Hope it lasts!!
And all we see is sea--tho did see one ship yesterday, and we're sailing within sight of another yacht on the Rally--Bionic--so in radio touch with them periodically to confirm all well. It seems 6 boats are headed for the same attoll as ourselves--rest are going to the more popular/tourist ones in north-west of chain--and Bionic and ourselves will be first there at Makemo.