Twitchers paradise

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 7 Jun 2014 07:48
Chagos is a great place for bird watchers. They are almost as tame here as in the Galapagos, and just as prolific and unusual. At the top of the heap, the frigate birds are high in the sky---but of course we see them
everywhere. It’s the birds that live here that are unusual. Blue footed boobies, red footed boobies, brown noddies, terns of a sort. The inaccessibility of this place sets it apart as a very special nature reserve.
Yesterday we took the dinghy out through the pass into the lagoon, to try to catch some decent fish. We had no luck, but Grommet, who were also out in their dinghy and who always seem to catch fish landed a
very large wahoo. They invited us and the crew of Smoke to join them for a fish grill dinner---we took the veg.---delicious!!  We also explored Takamaka island a bit---very jungly and hard to walk through. More enormous coconut crabs.
And an old well from the days when the islands were inhabited. Plus, of course,  the birds!
Work on the boat is pretty much done. Engine and generator serviced, chafed lines changed or adjusted, genoa down for some small repairs---it’s going to need to see a sailmaker in South Africa. Some cleaning of the hull and prop is needed, but I’ll leave that until shortly before we leave.
We plan to stay here at least another week---then we’ll see. Beginning to think we might go to Mayotte for a bit of sophisticated French before Madagascar!