Swimming with turtles

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 20 Apr 2008 14:52
We left Bequia on 15 April, for the short crossing to Mustique--sailing hard on the wind once we got past Isle Quatre taking us right up to the Mustique moorings in a lovely steady 15knot wind. The water looked so inviting, we were in for a swim within 10 minutes of mooring up. We spent 3 days there--Basil's Bar/lunch at Firefly--but mainly walking to beaches, sun and swimming.
On 18th we set off for Tobago Cays, stopping for a night on Canouan--interesting island which some think will develop rapidly as a "top-end" destination--though few have heard of it yet. We had dinner there at "Majella's"--owned and run by an extrovert Irish woman and v good food.
Tobago Cays on19th, and plan to spend 2 or 3 days here--lovely anchorage, though hardly lonely--lots of other boats--but no habitation, just deserted islands, sandbanks and reefs. The lagoon a beautiful shade of blue, sheltered by the reefs from the Atlantic swell, but open to the wind to keep us cool. Spent much of the afternoon snorkelling--lots of turtles in the shallow waters, feeding off the seagrass--we swam close enough to touch them--didn't seem to frighten them at all.
Absence of anything like shops not a problem--boat boys from Union Island come across to offer fish, vegetables etc.--we had fresh bread delivered to the boat before 8 this morning--and had a fresh lobster cooked for us on the beach at lunch yerterday!! Probably buy some fish for lunch today. Hey-ho, must go for a swim!!