Paradise found

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Thu 4 Aug 2011 13:17
We spent two nights anchored off the village in Leba Leba Bay on Lembata--a rather dirty anchorage--ferries come in--packed with people, animals, goods etc--and they clean them by throwing all the rubbish out of the windows of the ferry and into the sea----which then drifted past our anchorage!!  So no swimming!
But the village was worth a visit--very poor--but incredibly friendly people!! We had lunch in the recommended restaurant--very basic, but clean and tasty food--£6 for the 2 of us, including beer!! Bought fruit and veg. and given a lift on a scooter to buy 2 cases of mineral water--with this heat, you need to avoid dehydration, and you don't drink the tap water!!
So this morning we sailed off to find clean sea, coral, sand and blue sea--and peace and quiet----and we've found it in a beautiful protected aqnchorage 12 miles away from the village--surrounded by coral--we spent an enjoyable hour snorkelling on the reef this afternoon. And in the distance, 3 smouldering volcanoes--smoke in the day, and now it is night, we can see the fire of the lava flow on the side of one of the volcanos glowing in the dark. The views and waters are as good as the best of high end resorts---but there are no tourists and the locals come by in their dug-outs with smiles and selling fruit. Yes, paradise found!
So we'll stay a while--swim and dive the reef--buy the fruit--and enjoy the peace.