Return to Grenada

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 28 Nov 2009 22:25
We finished working on the boat, provisioning etc. and finally left Trinidad on 27th November for an overnight sail to Grenada. Simanderal looks good--a big clean up done, and Graham had looked after the boat well in our absence. New solar panels will hopefully give us a bit more power before we resort to the generator. I've also started to refit with LEDs--use only about 10% of the power for similar light. And pretty much everything has been serviced--the watermaker is the only bit of kit not yet tested--Trini harbour is too dirty, and a night sail is not the ideal.
So off to Grenada--we had a reasonable passage north, with wind in the east so sailed all the way and quite a fast passage. We were moored up in the Phare Bleu marina before 0700 this morning--then hired car, cleared in and lunch before a catch up sleep this afternoon. Expect to meet Simon, who is on the island, tomorrow.