A better day!

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Thu 22 May 2014 03:18
After our beating up, reported yesterday, the last 24 hours have been much more pleasant! Yesterday was a nice day. Overnight was dry, though still some electrical storms in the distance. And today dawned with sunshine, albeit we can see plenty of rain pods not all of which we will avoid. Also used the better weather to fix the gear which had failed—including the pole which was not so terminally damaged as I had feared!
So all is well. We are sailing very conservatively, with reefs in both main and genoa—at some point I will feel confident enough about the weather to shake them out but at present we can see too many squalls around.
The answer to the dolphin question of yesterday’s blog in that they were Risso’s Dolphins, we think. Big beasts—look them up!