Boa Vista

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 8 Dec 2018 20:30
We spent a couple of days anchored off Sal Rei on Boa Vista, one day with a car and driver to see round the northern part of the island. The island is largely sand—-including a Sahara type desert in the middle—lots of beaches, sand dunes etc. As on Sal, lovely people and no security issues. The dinghy was untouched on the town beach while we travelled. It has the beginnings of a tourist business.
Then on the 7th we sailed down to a beach anchorage on the south of the island, a short 2 hour sail for a bit of relaxation and swimming, before crossing overnight to Tarrafal, Sao Nicolau, where we arrived this morning and are now anchored. A nice calm-ish passage on a broad reach and not too much swell.

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