Rosario Islands

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 5 Jan 2010 22:58
Cartagena was a good choice for Christmas and New Year. The old town is vibrant and well preserved--the taxi there from the marina cost less than £2 and you could walk it in 15 minutes. Lots of good restaurants, pavement cafe's etc. And reasonable price levels. Also a good place for provisioning, though wine is expensive.
Regrettably we didn't get out of Cartagena to travel inland--I guess there was just too much going on--and of course exploring Cartagena, museums etc.
But after 2 weeks of city life, we were looking forward to getting back to secluded bays, swimming etc. so today we sailed the short 25 miles to the Rosario Islands--reef surrounded islands south-west of Cartagena. It was a good, fast sail--a broad reach in moderate though rising seas--10 knots of wind when we set off rising to over 20 knots as we rounded the offshore reefs which provided nice calm water.  We're anchored in a bay with five other boats and already had a long swim. Plan to spend tomorrow here--part of it cleaning off the bottom of the hull--there's something in the water in Cartagena lagoon that apparently results in the world's fastest barnacle growth!!--though actually it looked not too bad when I snorkeled round it this afternoon--tomorrow I'll don the scuba. And then perhaps sail down to the San Bernado islands about 25 miles further south the following day.
Hey-ho. Thoroughly recommend Cartagena and Colombia to visit. They've ended their civil war, sorted out the drug mafia, the people are pleasant and industrious-- this place has a lot going for it.