An update!

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Fri 17 Jan 2020 21:41
We effected a temporary repair to our engine vibration dampener in Bequia—%not great, but enough to get us to Martinique. Nice few days in Bequia, laundry, provisioning and chilling.
We set off for Martinique on 14 December, arriving on 16 December after overnight stops at anchor between the Pitons and in Rodney Bay. Managed to moor up in Martinique with help from the pontoon guys in the absence of a bowthruster. We arrived around noon, and after lunch went to see Alban at Amel with whom I had arranged work on the bowthruster and engine. The bowthruster was fixed over the following couple of days, but the spare part for the engine would take some time to arrive—-it seems Steyr close for a long Xmas break and there are no spare vibration dampeners in the US, U.K. or Germany!
I flew out on the 20th—-spending Christmas in Dublin, a couple of days in Malta and New Year in London.
Back on board late on 6 January. Hired car in Martinique for a few days while waiting for the engine spare. It arrived on the 14th, was fitted on the 15th and on the 17th we set out again, a nice sail up to St Pierre, where we sit at anchor on a lovely afternoon and I write this blog after a good swim!
Nice to be back in business, though unbelievably the No1 autopilot has played up again despite being so called fixed in Grenada. We are now on No2.

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