8th December

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 8 Dec 2007 22:15
Looks as though the rough weather has now passed in front of us.........though still wet and squally. Boats ahead of us now reporting the conditions we experienced a day ago  and having gear and rigging failures. One non ARC boat dismasted and the crew picked  up by an ARC competitor; one guy being evacuated to a cruise ship with a head injury. First boats will hav e arrived yesterday and to day.
We have calculated our aarrival time between 5pm Thursday and 9am Friday with the latter more likely.Will update daily.
Life on board is wet.......wet clothing and humid so nothing dries  out.......including us!! Boat rolling a lot with seas and because we are running headsail only. Means verything takes longer to do......but thats as welll as time needs to be filled.Good spirits on board but we're all keen to get there. Mentally we're just counting down the miles now and can nearly smell the rum punch !!
Hope tomorrow brings some sun, Seadog,