Michael Hughes and Ger White
Thu 10 Apr 2008 22:50
As Elspeth's blog relates, they departed for home in Dominica--and arrived home safely--whilst we departed on 31 March for Martinique. We had a good fast crossing until we reached Martinique, when the wind fell away and it poured with rain--and continued to pour, so we had to motor the last 5 miles. Monotony alleviated by a spectacular display of jumping by a large number of dolphins--I don't know what was exciting them, but one must have leapt ten feet in the air! St Pierre for the night.
Next day pushed on to Rodney Bay in St Lucia--bit of a home from home!--again a fast reach in 15/20 knot winds--averaged over 7 knots and were in the marina by 1330. Marina in the middle of a major reconstruction so a bit sad looking and very quiet compared with the December stay.
We had a couple of days to sort out a few things before Simon & Alex arrived with us on 4 April.
So back to four on board we sailed to Marigot Bay on the 6th; between the Pitons on 7th; to Walilabou Bay in St Vincent on 8th--again a lovely fast reach--and on 9th from there to Bequia where we will stay for a few days and from which Simon & Alex will leave us on 12th.
Thoughts--well we've been moving on quickly as the boys wanted to sail--but enjoyed our short time in St Vincent--glad we stopped on the way to Bequia--and we'll return sometime. And Bequia is great--just as other cruisers have told us.
And now Simon is writing, so no more talk about 'fast reaches' etc. After a very long wait at customs in St Lucia we were surprised to be greeted by Dad and Ger. Dad has covered where we have been and so on, so I shan't regurgitate. Highlights for me have been the Pitons in St Lucia where Alex and I return on Saturday, walking up to a waterfall in St Vincent and today's brief trip to Mustique by (very bumpy) speedboat named phat shag!! Final day of relaxation tomorrow, then we travel back to St Lucia on Saturday to return to London on Sunday. So that is my short but sweet addition to Dad and Ger's blog...