Wind freshening

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 22 Apr 2020 15:45

Interesting sailing day---and so different from the trade winds! We ran under the chute and mizzen overnight with moderate winds over the port quarter and decent sea state---a calm and reasonably fast night after very little wind---or progress—for several hours the previous evening.

Around 0900 we took down the chute in light of forecast of winds from all points of the compass. Good broad reach sailing on port tack much of the morning, over the middle part of day the wind went light, veered round slowly ahead of us, we put in a tack and are now sailing beam reach in a fresh wind on starboard tack---our course having remained pretty much the same throughout! The wind will continue to veer---sometime tonight we will have to gybe as the wind passes astern and we will wake up to a broad reach back on port tack!

But we progress in good spirits.