007:44.9N 098:45.7E

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 17 Feb 2013 14:49
Ger arrived back on board on 10th February and we set off for a relaxed sail around the islands off Phuket on the 12th.  Nothing too strenuous--max 15 miles a day--the weather is fine and the winds light---but with calm seas we've managed to sail most of the time, even if slowly.
On 12th, we anchored off Ko Phanak, and the following morning we dinghied into the 'hong'.  Then a short sail across to Ao Mung, where we anchored off the very cruiser friendly Paradise Resort. Lunch, sunbeds, pool, beach, and even hot showers and towels!  So we stayed put the next day as well.
Then a couple of lovely anchorages off palm fringed beaches--lovely before 10, when the tourist boats disgorged --and after 4, when they had left.  And now we're on Phi Phi--perhaps the most famous island of all--tonight on the remote north coast--where we spent much of the day at another resort--but tomorrow we'llm head round to the main bay which will doubtless be very busy, very noisy--and very brash.
All is well and we'll then continue our relaxed cruise.