Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 25 Nov 2018 11:06

Now on our third passage day from Lanzarote to Sal in the Cape Verdes. We left Lanzarote in overcast weather and some rain on Friday morning, after refuelling. As forecast, we had good winds as we sailed down the west side of Fuertaventura and south into the Atlantic. Bit of swell, but nothing too uncomfortable. The wind stayed up through Friday night giving us a good sail with a poled genoa to starboard and main and mizzen on preventers to port. But by 0600 on Saturday morning the wind was down to 6 knots and we were down to 3 knots speed with a lot of sail flapping. So reluctantly it was engine on to motor south and get into the trade winds. The engine stayed on until 2100 when we started sailing again in 10 to 12 knots of wind---same sail plan—and making 4 to 5 knots speed. And so it has remained for the last 14 hours. Forecast is that we should be getting a bit more wind by late evening and continuing to rise as we head south---but nothing over 18 knots. So a slow-ish passage, but seas are benign, the sun shines, the moon is full, sleep is easy—so, hey,  what’s an extra day!