Another glorious sailing day

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 27 Mar 2010 20:29
Well it's 1400 on Saturday--time for the daily passage blog.
And then a shower--we're allowed one every 3 days--and it's today!!!!!!!
We continue to sail fast in good trade wind conditions--between 13 and 18 knots of wind on a very broad reach, with the main on a preventer to avoid any gybes. In fact we haven't touched the sail plan for 36 hours--the wind continues steady, we progress at around 8 knots, there's a bit of a swell, but nothing like as bad as the Atlantic (or am I just getting used to it?), the sun shines, at night there's a full moon, so quite bright even then, no nasty squalls so far and none in sight.
Highlight of the day--apart from food--is the 10a.m. SSB radio net--we haven't seen another boat since we left Galapagos 4 days ago, but all Rally boats communicate their positions on the net, so we know where everyone is--there are 3 other yachts within 20 miles of us--we can't see them, but we'll pass one of them tonight--a smaller Malo which set off a day ahead of us. They have caught lots of fish, so we've suggested a bottle of wine for some fish as a swap as we pass!!
Our own fishing?? Not over-successful so far. We caught a 3 foot sailfish yesterday, but not really good eating so we withdrew the hook and let him go. Otherwise nought.
We clocked up our first 500 miles a few hours ago, and I've just calculated we have another 2520 miles to go!!  Maybe 15 more days.
So all is well--and will be even better after we've all had our showers.