Michael Hughes and Ger White
Thu 20 Sep 2007 10:00
Well we arrived safe and sound in Lagos, Algarve late on Saturday and have
spent the last few days getting a few things sorted on the boat--including
a bimini being made but largely what the youth of today call "chilling" by
the pool etc. The marina is good and the old town is lovely--most people
seem to be Brits--you hear more English than Portuguese spoken everywhere.
The trip down here was uneventful--from Cascais we went to Sines for a
couple of days and then on here. It was almost all motoring
unfortunately--a complete lack of wind--what happened to these Portuguese
Anyhow we stay here for the next 10 days or so--Alex and Judy are joining
us for a few days next week and Nigel Reid--one of our ARC crew for a
couple of days.
The sun shines as ever and life has slowed down.
We plan to set off for Madeira around 1 October--3 or 4 days
sail--Michelle is joining us for this--and then on to Lanzarote--where we
leave the boat and return to UK on 18 October for about 3 weeks.