No events!!!

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Fri 13 Aug 2010 03:30
It's lunchtime Friday, and so far no problem events today---keeping our fingers crossed. The autopilot is performing normally--but the other news is that we've hoisted and set the repaired genoa.....and so far our inelegant repair is holding and we're sailing at 6 knots on a beam reach in 11 knots of wind and calmish seas--and in bright sunshine!! So we're all happy. The strong winds and rain are behind us and the forecast promises benign weather for the next few days which will get us into Mackay. So all we need now is to catch a fish!! And put on some music.
We passed the half way mark last night and expect to reach Mackay early Tuesday.
Others are having problems however. A yacht called Aspen is without battery power and concerned about closing the Oz coast without lights--I've volunteered to accompany them in if need be--there's a discussion this evening on the SSB radio with half a dozen other yachts in the area to decide a course of action to assist. Another yacht has torn both their mainsail and headsail in the high winds over the last couple of days, but has enough fuel to get to Oz. And so on!!
And we seem to have left Vanuatu just in time--there was an earthquake on Vanuatu a couple of days ago--I'm not aware of casualties--I think none--but it did generate a small tsunami of 0.3 metres in Port Vila which did minor damage to some boats.
Time to get back in the sunshine and have an enjoyable lunch--using up all the food the authorities will confiscate if we take it into Oz!!