Not a lot of wind!!

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 18 May 2014 06:31
Well I now know how the sailors must have suffered when stuck in the doldrums waiting for wind before the advent of steam! We’ve now travelled over 250 miles---mainly in a southerly direction to try to get down to the trade winds.
And most of it has been under power, though we’ve just switched the engine back on after a record 4 hours good sailing round a shallow low pressure area. I hope we can start the trade wind sailing soon—should be far enough south tomorrow.
But we enjoyed our 4 hour sail while it lasted and thank goodness for the engine when the wind dropped back to nothing!
Otherwise nothing to report. Sea benign—hardly surprising given the lack of wind---so we’re getting our sleep and eating well. And of course keeping a good watch. We’ve seen 2 other vessels in the last 48 hours!