Michael Hughes and Ger White
Thu 7 Feb 2008 17:20
We left Guadeloupe on 6 February on a boisterous 40+ mile sail to Antigua--left Deshaies at 0630 as I wanted to be in Antigua early afternoon to clear Customs etc before they closed at 1600. Needn't have worried--wind was stronger than forecast--averaging over 20 knots--on a very close reach--we were in English Harbour by noon--an average of over 7 knots door to door.
With the wind and quite a swell 50/60 degrees on the bow, it was not without a fair bit of salt over the decks--all hosed down this morning as I think we would wait a while for rain!!
So here we are moored up in Nelson's Dockyard marina--like being moored in a museum!! Still a lot of exploring to do--we will be here for about 10 days as Ger has to spend a week in London sorting a few things before we continue our travels.