Events, dear boy

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 10 Aug 2010 23:35
Well 380 miles in the first 48 hours ain't bad--the wind still blowing strongly up the chuff--still big seas, but down on yesterday and will continue to reduce. And forecast suggests we'll be pretty much becalmed by Friday--winds under 10 knots and calmish sea.
But as ever there's a lot to keep us interested. Events, dear boy, events!! This morning the cringle on the genoa clew came away--a major tear--so we brought down the genoa--flailing like mad in 25 knots of wind--and managed to get it tied down successfully. So we're now sailing under main alone--reefed--and may be for the rest of the trip. I'll have a go at sewing in the cringle, but the webbing needed and reinforced cloth may be too much for my needle and palm to sort. Decided to have a rest and breakfast before I have a go.
This has slowed our progress down somewhat--I reckon we're averaging around 6.5 knots rather than nearly 8 to date. But, hey, the sun's come out, we've lots of good food and water on board, and if our passage takes an extra day--enjoy it! Might even try some fishing!! Only 780 miles to go.
Absence of the genoa may be more frustrating when the wind dies down--though if the forecast is right , we still have the cruising chute. Thought about the storm jib, but this is no storm and the jib is so tiny as to make no difference.
We knew the genoa was on its last legs--I have already ordered a new one for delivery in Oz--but I had hoped it would see us there--the only real surprise is that it's the clew that gave!
Otherwise all is well--must go for breakfast.