Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 7 Aug 2011 01:35
We are now sailing slowly along the north-east coast of Flores--in light winds, but enough to give us a respectable 4 knots--and the seas are calm, the sun shines.................!
We spent last night anchored in a bay near Tanjung Gedong, off a small village. Very peaceful anchorage. As soon as our anchor was set, we were surrounded by delightful children in primitive dug-out canoes/ swimming/floating on bits of wood--smiling and exchanging names etc. Really well behaved. Some had a smattering of English. As elsewhere, they can all say at least 3 things---hi mister: Manchester United; and David Beckham. We spent a while chatting with them--they asked for--and got--excercise books and pencils--our stocks are now seriously depleted and will need replenished next time we're in a town!
The coast of Flores is stunning. We dined well last night on a kingfish bought from a local in a dug-out.  And all is well on board.