More events!!

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Thu 12 Aug 2010 04:19
Well we continue to have an eventful passage. We made a temporary fix to the genoa clew which I hope will enable us to use it in lighter winds--but no way in the winds we were experiencing yesterday.
Meanwhile this morning we've been having problems with the autopilot--hand steering for an hour. Having re-booted,It it is working ok ---but we await further events. This time the issues are electronic--we sorted the mechanical problems in Vanuatu, and they are fine.
But it's a fine morning, and the seas are down as is the wind--as forecast. We have the cruising chute up and are making good speed again. Only problem is we know we have to pass through a very wet and windy trough sometime over the next few hours--no place for a cruising chute.................
at this point I saved the message as we just had an SSB call from a yacht 20 miles ahead to say they were just through the front--wind went from stroing NE to stronger SW within a minute--35 knots--so we took the chute down and are motoring till we're through it--any time now!!
So, cheers--all is well--events, dear boy, events (PM Macmillan for those who have problems with quotations)