Indonesia update

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 24 Aug 2011 08:28
We spent about a week in Labuan Bajo and cruising the Komodo islands.
On 18th August we sailed to Rinca--went on a walk on-shore with a park ranger and saw our first Komodo dragons--pretty impressive! The following morning at 7 a.m. we did a longer walk--early morning is best to see the wildlife--rewarded with several dragons, buffalo, deer etc. And then we sailed to Komodo where, on 20th, we did another 7am walk--again, lots of wildlife--and some spectacular views from the hilltops. After which we sailed to another lovely anchorage on Rinca--swim & beach--and next morning we watched a dragon having his early morning stroll along the beach--fotunately didn't bump into him when we were on the beach!
And then to the best anchorage yet amongst the islands--well the anchorage had issues--deep and strange currents led to the 4 boats there doing a slow waltz around each other--but the water was crystal clear, the swimming great--and the coral as good as any we have seen--plus lots of fish and even spent time with a turtle as we snorkelled--wonderful!!
But all good things come to an end--time to make tracks--yesterday--23rd--we set off on an overnight passage to Lombok--where we are now anchored--185 miles, most of it sailed with a lot of wind aft the beam--so no complaints! We plan to spend about a week on Lombok before crossing to Bali--where we hope to get some desperately needed provisions!
Mention of sailing winds--the winds here are odd in their inconsistency. Last night we had everything from 25 to 3 knots of wind--and from various directions. One minute you are reefed in on a 3 hour reach in 20+knots of wind--then it just switches off--the wind falls completely away, goes round in circles for up to an hour--and then you have another 3 hours of strong wind from a different direction!!  Certainly keeps you on your toes--but an undisturbed off-watch would be a wonderful thing!
Hey-ho--all is good!