Leaving soon

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 15 Jun 2014 15:35
We’ve been in Chagos for just over 2 weeks now—loved it and in some ways it is difficult to leave this unique place---to which, barring another circumnavigation, it is impossible to return. But whatever, we plan to
leave tomorrow, forecast dependent. Today we spent some time with the few people we have met here---there are only 3 other boats here, and of course no-one else. And we did some more snorkelling on the reefs,
admiring the corals and fish life. But we have to return to some form of civilisation----if we stay here too much longer we’ll run out of supplies!
Original plan was to head to Madagascar, but we now plan to sail past it to Mayotte, a French overseas territory between Madagascar and mainland Africa, for a bit of good cheese and croissants before we go back
to Madagascar—they are not far apart. So unless we get a problem forecast, we’ll be off late morning tomorrow on a 1700 mile passage----Indian Ocean part 2.
Watch this space!