16:37.32N 31:05.00W

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Fri 21 Dec 2018 14:28

A beautiful sunny day—definitely getting hotter so I think it will be T shirts at night from now on. The wind is dropping---down to around 15 knots and will be less windy for the next few days. So we have just put the chute up—took about 2 hours as never been up before so took a bit of figuring out! It’s on a roller rather than a snuffer. I reckon it gives us an extra knot. With less wind, the good news is much less swell and rolling—slept much better last night. And it was a full moon last night, so nice for ocean sailing!

We caught a nice mahi mahi late yesterday afternoon---so dinner was ceviche for starter and fillets for main. Couldn’t be fresher. Still about half left.

We’ve done just over 350 miles so far—mid-day on 21st—so doing not bad. Only about 1700 to go!!

Couple of other sailing boats within 10 miles of us. Had a VHF chat with one of them—headed to Barbados---yesterday.

All is good