Sao Nicolau

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 9 Dec 2018 16:39
After a pleasant enough overnight sail from BoaVista, we anchored off Tarrafal on Sao Nicolau at about 0900 on the 8th. We went ashore shortly afterwards and organised a taxi to take us round the island. Whilst the south, where we are anchored, is all cliffs and mountains, but dry, when you travel north is becomes greener and the centre and north of the island are spectacular mountains but also green valleys with bananas, papaya, mango etc fruit and many vegetables. A great contrast to the sand hills and dunes and parched landscape of BoaVista. So we toured much of the island, with a “local” lunch on the way. And back on board by 1830 for dinner and an early sleep after the previous night passage.
A lazy day for me on the 9th, though the crew are away for a hike in the mountains! And probably some music in Tarrafal this evening. Tomorrow we plan to sail early to Mindelo.

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