Off to Borneo

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 10 Sep 2011 01:26
Time in Bali--like all good things--came to an end yesterday, when we set off for Borneo--our first lengthy sail in Indonesia--just over 400 miles.
We set off in sunshine, as ever, but no wind--so under power. Usually we've not had to wait long for the wind to materialise--but this time we had to motor until about 1700, when a nice and increasing south-easterly sprang up--and it has stayed with us all night and continues as I write. Since 1800 last evening we've been sailing fast, with the wind almost directly behind--prevented main to port and poled genoa to starboard. Averaged about 7 knots over the last 12 hours.
We have another 2 nights at sea ahead of us--bit rolly, but we've seen a lot worse!
We're headed for the Kumai river on south Kalimantan--the Indonesian part of Borneo--where we hope to commune with the orangutangs--make a change from dragons!
All is well on board.