Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 30 Apr 2011 09:04
After some pretty strong wind sailing since we left Yeppoon, we arrived in Mackay on Thursday--where we'll spend nearly a week sorting out provisioning and a bit of boat work to be done.
Tuesday night we were anchored in Pearl Bay--quite rolly and the wind was blowing 25/.30 knots. On Wednesday we made a longish passage--over 70 miles--to Digby Island--it had been our intention to do this in 2 stages, but the continuing strong winds--and Ger's desire to be in Mackay in plenty time to see "the wedding" on tv--led us to hurry. Continuing 25/30 knot winds got us to the Digby Island anchorage just before sunset at 1730 and we got the anchor well dug in before dark--a very uncomfortable night of wind and swell--we were glad to get the hook up the following morning and clear out to a nice calm marina in Mackay!
The sail on Thursday was quick--winds even higher--regularly over 30 knots and some gusts over 40--and rain to boot--though it had moderated and the sun was shining as we closed Mackay.
So a couple of days rest and recreation!!