Dominican Republic cruising

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Mon 26 Jan 2009 23:14
A while since our last blog--reflecting the somewhat lazy time we've been having sailing-wise.
Having arrived in the DR on 3 Jan. we spent the first fews days dealing with laundry, boat cleaning etc., then hired a car and spent time in Santo Domingo and a couple of days on the Samana peninsula.
 Santo Domingo old town--the colonial district-- is fascinating. It was the centre of early Spanish activity in the New World--founded by Columbus himself and governed both by him and then his brother. All of the armies of Spain which subsequently invaded central and south America started off from Santo Domingo. Much is decrepit, but much is well preserved and restored--palaces used by Columbus, the oldest church in the Americas etc.
Eric then joined us, and the three of us flew to Havana for a week in Cuba--4 days in Havana and 3 in Trinidad. Havana is well worth visiting--before it gets covered by Americans! Lots of history, live music in every bar for free--even went to a concert by the remodelled Buena Vista Social Club--great place.
Then back to the boat in the DR--joined by Rachel, Eric's girlfriend--and at last we have left the Marina Zarpar and are enjoying a DR cruise--anchored off Islas Catalina a couple of nights ago and now off Islas Saona--beautiful palm fringed beach, clear water--great! We'll spend another couple of days here--then off to a marina near Romana to drop off Eric and Rachel for their flight on 30th.
All for now.