An Eventful Night !

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Thu 1 Apr 2010 18:46
Always 9pm the head shackle on the genoa failed and it fell and dragged over the side ! All on deck to get it back on board amid much seafaring language.............sort the mess and lash it to the guardrail. At first light we put Michael up the mast ( fairly flat sea then ) to retrieve the halyard Then it was sort thetangled genoa,reattach and winch it up as the sea got up a bit. All done by Simanderal all ok and sailing again though a tad knackered.
Thats enough excitement for one day..........though we could still do with a fish !
Seriously , we're all fine if a little tired and all is well.
PS Sea didn't look so flat to me from the top of the mast!!