Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 29 Jun 2011 02:23
We arrived in Darwin about 0700 this morning--our last port in Australia from where we set off to Indonesia on 23rd July.
Our final trip from Port Essington was largely under engine--winds down at 5 knots or so except for a couple of hours when it got up to 10 knots and we could do some meaningful sailing. But we were much helped by the tides--on average nearly 2 knots benefit--having timed our departure from Port Essington at 5 hours before HW Darwin--just like the book says!!
So now we have 3 weeks to enjoy Darwin--plan to hire a car and see some of the National Parks--but much of the time will be devoted to getting ready for Indonesia--a few repairs on the boat--including replacing the freezer thermostat--and a lot of washing, provisioning, planning, getting charts and spares and getting visas etc.
But first, a few days off!!