Sailing Along

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 7 Apr 2010 18:46
Currently nearly at the 500 to go point, crossing something called the Marquesas Fracture Zone..........maybe the edge of a tectonic plate ? This morning we ran up the cruisinbg chute together with the poled out genoa and now making about 7 knots after a slow night. The bigger boats have caught up quite a bit !
Someone asked about watch patterns. We are running 2 hour watches overnight and Michael and I split three hour watches durinbg the day. So eg for me its 4 to 6 am, 8 to 11 am, 2 to 5 pm and 10 to midnight. The routtine is set around thewatches, breakfast ( 8.30 ish ), radio net at 10am, get the weather e.mails and blog, lunch around 1pm , catch up on sleep andread in the afternoon, beer at 5pm, supper ( the main meal of the day ) and then sleep before your first night watch. Oh........and we're allowed a shower every 3rd day !!!!
Today our clocks went back an hour , the second adjustment since we left the Galapagos. When we reach the Marquesas they get adjusted back a further 1.5 hours. At that point ( given the UK has just gone forward an hour ) we will be 10.5 hours behind you.
On the way to Niku Hiva we will take a look at Fatu Hiva where the anchiorage looks stunning.............but we're not allowed ashore there as we won't have logged on with immigration and customs. Hoping to be at FH on the 10th though that may be a squeeze and at NH on the 12th.
Thats all for now...........oh, and still no fish its clearly a conspiracy, they sent word ahead !