Preparing to leave!

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 18 Apr 2020 12:47

We have now been in “lockdown” in San Juan for over a month---a few things fixed on the boat, a rig check, various systems checks, a daily walk to the supermarket to get some sort of exercise—armed with masks and gloves! But it looks like we may have weather to set off for Maryland tomorrow. Unlike the trade wind passages crossing to the Caribbean, the winds will vary quite a bit, and particularly north of 30 degrees. And the overall passage will be much slower. Our first few days should be pleasant enough sailing, but then there will be a dearth of wind for a day or two. It will be a slow passage overall, since we will have to time the latter part of the trip to avoid gales at higher latitudes, which look set to be regular events until the end of the month—so we will go slowly and only go above 30 degrees when we can be confident of more settled weather. Our goal is the Chesapeake, but we are likely to stop at Charleston or Beaufort on the way---in between 10 days and a fortnight. But it will be good to be back at sea!