An April Update!!!

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 24 Apr 2012 03:06
No blogs for quite a while---hey-ho!!!
So a quick update on what's going on.
We're back on board Simanderal, anchored off the main roadstead into Port Klang on the coast of Malaysia--a bit industrial as an anchorage--hardly pretty--but a restful overnighter, and now we're waiting the turn of the tide before leaving around noon to continue towards Port Dickson and the very good Admiral Marina there. So why not do a blog while we wait!!
We hauled out at PenMarine in Penang in mid-February--then flew to South Africa for Andrew's week-long wedding--a great week and a wonderful main event!! Pity we're no good at photos on the internet--there's lots of great ones!
Then a quick visit back to Europe, we returned to Malaysia on 9th April--ten days spent sorting out boat things both at PenMarine and then Straits Quay--before we finally got moving again on 19th April. And long debates over that period about whether we just head up to Thailand or stick to our original plans for East Malaysia, Sarawak, Brunei and Saba on Northern Borneo. Debates because we still had some kit not working on board---although generally the boat looks lovely again--the yard did a great job of the cleaning--hull, deck, stainless steel work etc.-- and antifouling
Most kit was sorted at Straits Quay, including the wind instrument, but we still have no functioning bowthruster--it may be resolved by a part being sent to Port Dickson---on the other hand it may not!!
To cut a long story short, we've decided things are good enough for another foray into more remote territory--and we are sticking to original plans.
BUT---the immediate trip is a short one--Port Dickson the goal--we'll be there tomorrow---as it's a good place to park up the boat while we fly back to Europe again--this time for Simon's wedding, to which I much look forward.  We'll have a few days in Port Dickson--already booked a couple of nights in a hotel in Melaka--less than 2 hours drive away--which is a spectacular ancient town. Then we fly for Europe on 1st May, returning in the middle of the month to continue our voyage of exploration!