Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 10 Jan 2010 17:37
We've arrived in Panama--in the San Blas islands on the Caribbean coast towards Colombia. We left the Colombian islands-near Cartagena-- around lunchtime yesterday and did a 21 hour sail here, dropping the hook off Isla Pinas in the San Blas about 0920 this morning. Turned out to be a very fast passage after a slow start with little wind--well over 7 knots on a beam reach in 12 knots wind for the last 90 miles of a 130 mile trip--beautiful, but I'm knackered!!  However I'll have to stay awake to get the dinghy launched and make my first aquaintance with the locals--the Kuna Indians--who are self governing and have rejected all development--we can see them fishing in dug-out canoes with paddles etc.
No rush though--we'll be cruising the islands, inside the outer reef, for the next couple of weeks. No phones, no internet (other than my satphone) and best of all no shops, just the simple life!
PS For the addresses, this is a blog entry--there are also now some photos on the blog--to access it, just google "simanderal" and click on the first item that comes up.