The next adventure

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 23 Oct 2016 13:35
After our premature end of voyage in July 2014, Michael and Ger started the search for the next Simanderal---and after viewing many boats in the U.K., Netherlands, Greece and Turkey, we finally ---in the Autumn of 2015---found what we were looking for---a four year old Amel 55 which the owners had maintained in excellent condition and which ticked almost all of the boxes. We had of course seen many Amels around the world, indeed formed numerous friendships with their owners, and they were high up on our wish list.
She was French flagged and we re-registered her in the UK and re-named her Simanderal.
And so, after some work on her through the winter, we finally set off in May for a 5 month Mediterranean cruise---a new experience after our many years in the tropics!
Turkey, Crete, the Cyclades and Saronic islands--through the Corinth canal to the Ionian and in September across to Italy and Sicily---eventually taking our marina berth in Malta around 10 October.
We plan to keep her in Malta for the next six months, where we can do some work to make her "ours" ---and then who knows?
We should, of course, have kept a regular blog over the last 6 months---but somehow we were enjoying ourselves too much to start. But next season we will resume in a more disciplined way!

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