News from the Atlantic - Day 5

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Thu 29 Nov 2007 14:52
Overnight ran the chute til 11.30 when a squall getting it down but succeeded ,then no wind so motored two hours. Wind fickle but hoping for better as we get to the Trades. Crossed Tropic of Cancer today so small celebration involving a bottle of champange.Crew getting better at sail changes through exercises on the foredeck at dawn with Micheal.
Heard about the two Scots, two Irish lasses and the Englishman ? Yours truly definetly in the minority here.
No wildlife sighted yet.....which means the fish still aren't biting. Haven't given up yet as we need a change of diet from Kiwi fruit.
Just broke off to watch a pod of 20 or 30 dolphins play off the bow of the quick and love racing the boat.
Thats all for today folks, Seadog.