Barrier Reef

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 15 Aug 2010 23:44
0900 Monday.  We are now threading our way through the Australian Barrier Reef--using the well marked Hydrographer's Passage--and will be doing so for today and most of tonight--ETA Mackay early Tuesday morning----mixed feelings--great to reach Oz--who'd have thought it--but it's the end of this 9 month cruise for us--sad--but there again looking forward to seeing people in the UK.
No clouds in the sky--hardly any wind--we're still motoring--and it will remain like this for the day. More to do on the nav front as we thread our way between the reefs--and we're on whale watch as it's migration season.
Last night I saw yet another shooting star but also an exploding meteor--brilliant flash in the sky at around 2 a.m. The sky at night here is awesome!!
So now we are well inside the outer limits of the reef--we're in Oz!!!